National Board Mission

Help our chapters’ leaderships to develop their maximum potential for impact on communities. We do this through qualified support in management and technical to our chapters and its leaders, good management on our ESF network and highlighting our internal and external representativeness. With that, we help the teams to focus on the development of quality projects to impact the communities where they operate. ”

Network Mission

“To promote human and sustainable development through engineering.


“Our goal by 2021 is to have strategic partnerships in many fields, standardize our internal organization, act in all regions of the country through high-impact chapters and reach over 150,000 beneficiaries and 80 sustainable chapters with constant growth.”


Altruism – We are passionate on helping others, in the most genuinely way;

Ethics – We follow the right path, with integrity and transparency in every action;

Professionalism – Our members act with commitment and social and technical responsibility in our actions and projects;

Respect – We recognize and celebrate diversity by acting in an empathetic and supportive way to the most diverse groups;

Teamwork – We value cooperation and unity among members and working together with the community.

The National Executive Board of Engineers Without Borders – Brazil, is organized in 5 different job roles (the 2 main ones act for 2 years), and for a team of advisers. The last election was held in February 2020.

The main functions of National Executive Board:

– Manage and regulate the brand Engenheiros sem Fronteiras® (Engineers Without Borders) in Brazilian territory;
– Train and guide the chapters’ leaders, indirectly impacting our final beneficiaries;
– Create, evaluate, promote (to Senior) and close acting chapters in any city;
– Create and manage the application of processes and methodologies within the chapters network;
– Manage and disseminate the knowledge of the organization at a national level;
– Generate evaluation reports and internal/external results reports of the chapters in the country;
– Represent the organization nationally and internationally within Engineers Without Borders and within the UN, where we are signatories of the Global Pact and the Women’s Empowerment Pact;
– Guide and support the chapters in any actions or projects when requested or identified the need;
– Create the public notice and promote the Brazilian Congress of Engineers Without Borders;
– Promote and disseminate scientific creation through our Congress and Journal of Periodicals (Brazilian Journal of Sustainability);
– Disseminate the worldwide methodology of the organization in Brazil, where we value the importance of community involvement, dialogue and cooperation with projects developed and executed by local volunteers, who get personally involved with community members, listen to their needs and establish partnerships and friendships.

Activities Report – 2019 management
Nina Ferracioli
Vice President
Adalberto Teodoro
Development Vice President

Pedro Becallete
Vice-Presidente Technical Vice President
Kamilla Teixeira
Communication Vice President

Development Advisors

  • Ana Rosa
  • Amanda Maschio
  • Andre Oliveira
  • Estéfane Novaes
  • Fabrício Porto
  • Gabriella Melo
  • Hélen Reis
  • Rafael Kondo
  • Vinicius Santos

Communication Advisors

  • Ana Guterres
  • Bruna Pierotti
  • Carlos Nascimento
  • Júlia Góis
  • Júlia Silveira
  • Natália Busnello
  • Nayara Gomes
  • Pedro Milagres

Development Advisors

  • Alexandre Santiago
  • Chiuci Camargo
  • Gabriel Viana
  • José Júnior
  • Letícia Mattos
  • Michele Pereira
  • Milena Carvalho
  • Vanessa Cunha
  • Victoria Rosenthal

Technical Advisors

  • Aline Guerreiro
  • Anna Bergo
  • Mariana Gomes
  • Natália Bueno
  • Ricardo Lopes
  • Sumaya Santos

Presidency Advisors

  • Aliciane Peixoto
  • Amanda Fonseca
  • Ana Sousa
  • Camila Padilha
  • Dhiego Luna
  • Diogo Aniceto
  • Erica Oliveira
  • Fernanda Deister
  • Gustavo Siqueira
  • Larisse Cavalcante
  • Letícia Gonçalves
  • Luana Oliveira
  • Maitê Tarrasco
  • Stéphanie Alves

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of Engineers Without Borders – Brazil, is constituted by Chapters Guiding Teachers and Engineering-related Professionals and civil society organizations. A minimum period of 2 years of management is required according to the internal regulations settled down at the last election held in June 2018.

Roberto de Souza

Civil Engineer, Master and Doctorate in Engineering from USP Polytechnic School
Katia Mello

Civil and Sanitary Engineer by the Federal University of Pernambuco

Zelito Sampaio

Pedagogue with a master’s degree in business administration, currently is a third sector consultant

Sandra Rufino

Doctors and Master in Production Engineering (USP-SP), Doctorate at UCL, Belgium. Professor at UFRN. Gives consulting of different movements of 3º sectors

Fernanda Deister

Master student in Sanitation at UFMG, member of EWB Executive Committee

Deliberative Council

The Deliberative Council of Engineers Without Borders – Brazil, follows the model defined in ESF’ statute, consisting on 5 Approved Chapters Directors, 1 representative nominated by the National Board and 1 representative nominated by the Advisory Council. A minimum period of 2 years of management is required according to the internal regulations settled down at the last election held in February 2019.

Aliciane Peixoto
Chapter representative of
Núcleo Rio de Janeiro
Felipe Escames
Chapter representative of Vitória
Núcleo Limeira

Gabriel Chiele
Chapter representative of Vitória
Núcleo Porto Alegre
Luís Felipe
Chapter representative of Vitória
Núcleo Viçosa

Ruth Leite
Chapter representative of Vitória
Núcleo Natal
Raquel Miranda
Representative nominated by the Advisory Board

Fernanda Deister
Representative nominated by the Deliberative Council Board
and EWB

Fiscal Council

The Fiscal Council of Engineers Without Borders – Brazil, follows the model defined in ESF’ statute being composed of 3 Homologated Chapters Directors. A minimum period of 2 years of management is required according to the internal regulations settled down at the last election held in February 2019.

Breno Carrara
Viçosa chapter representative

Giovanna Mueller
Porto Alegre chapter representative

Raphael Costa
Viçosa chapter representative