The Vitória Chapter, officially founded in 2013, was created in 2012 by students from the UFES (Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo) who sought a more critical and humanized approach to engineering.

Since then, several projects have been carried out in the communities of Greater Vitória, in addition to several other activities to promote the development of the members themselves.

Currently they have students from several colleges and different courses, as well as the help of trained engineers who provide support in their projects.


Captação de Água de Chuva: It consists of installing a rainwater collection system in schools or social projects. The whole system is planned and sized by the team, according to technical data of specific standards and software. Lectures are also given to those assisted regarding the system and conscious use of water. Two cycles of the project have already been carried out in two schools, one in Vitória and the other in Cariacica, and the next cycle is already under planning!

Comunidade Sem Fronteiras: Aims to promote engineering projects carried out by volunteers from Engenheiros Sem Fronteiras – Vitória Chapter in collaboration with community residents, improving people’s quality of life and having a more united community. The project has already had editions in Ilha das Caieiras, Vitória, and a part in the community of Romão, also in Vitória.

Educação Ambiental: This project was created in 2014 and its general objective is to raise environmental awareness among children and young people in socially vulnerable conditions by carrying out activities aimed at the environment in public institutions of society such as schools and social works.

Mirante: The project arose from an invitation to Engenheiros Sem Fronteiras – Vitória Chapter made by Palete Parque, which works with new ways of using urban space, to participate in the planning of a public leisure and contemplation area in a community of Vitória. The idea is to achieve socioeconomic and environmental improvements in the location of the viewpoint.

Mulheres Sem Fronteiras: This project aims to put on the agenda the discrimination and prejudice existing with women in engineering and other professions. It has the objective to bring more knowledge to the general public and to provoke the empowerment of women especially within the labour market.

Pássaro Branco: This project consists of a partnership with the Centro Social de Nova Almeida – Joaripe, which has been active since 1976 in citizenship actions on fronts such as Income Generation, Education, Social Assistance, and serves children and adolescents in the region, aged 6 to 15 years-old. The project includes the elaboration of a reform project, projects necessary for the regularization and adaptation of physical facilities and budget for execution.

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Status: Senior Chapter.