ESF – Viçosa Chapter is the first official chapter from Engenheiros Sem Fronteiras Brasil, kicking off the movement in 2010. Currently, it counts with more than 50 members that work in the Executive board, divided in General, Financial-administrative and Legal, Projects, Quality, Communication and Human resources boards, as well as performing social projects.

The volunteers work in initiatives in the most diverse areas of the city of Viçosa, like the Professional Training and Improvement Programs [Programa de Capacitação e Aperfeiçoamento Profissional – PROCAP] (PROCAP – Food Production and PROCAP – Small House-repairs), that aim to capacitate the citizen that are in social vulnerability conditions and the Engineering Exhibition, which aims to encourage public school students to enter higher education, acting directly in the area of education.

The Viçosa chapter acts also in the environment, promoting sustainability, with the Amana, which aims to capture rainwater for non-potable purposes by making a module and the Reciclamare, project that aims to improve the structure, management and productivity of the Viçosa’s Sorting and Recycling Plant Workers Association (Associação dos Trabalhadores da Usina de Triagem e Reciclagem de Viçosa – ACAMARE), enlarging the collector’s incomes and the city’s recycling parameters. The House-made Products Factory (Fábrica de Produtos Caseiros) is also carried out, which impacts on the unemployed incomes, working in a bakery products factory implanted by ESF-Viçosa and, finally, the social moves, that aim rise resources for needy institutions and promote visits to them. 

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Status: Senior Chapter