The chapter was founded in 2015 by some students from University of Uberaba (UNIUBE) and counts with approximately 40 volunteers, where most are engineering students from Federal University of Triângulo Mineiro (UFTM), but also has professional from engineering, architecture, graduation and psychology. The executive board is composed by: General, Financial, Quality, Communication, Human Resources and Projects directories. Besides the executive board, there are assistants in the departments of projects, communication and finances and coordinators for each project. There are two main axes of work: education and reform.

The current projects in education area are “Future Mathematics” and “In Math Ways”. In civil engineering and intervention areas there are “Reform a Home” and “Pallets”. The chapter also works with some events for fundraising, such as “Bazaar Without Borders” that is turning into tradition. The project “Reform a Home” consists in performing specific reforms in needy families homes or institutions that provides services for the Uberaba community and can’t execute them. It analyses the community and the building needs, setting priorities for work execution in order to make the project attend the population’s request in the best way. In the project “Future Mathematicians”, mathematics is taught in a playful way with the teaching method inside out for the children of various ages of the Instituto Meninos e Meninas. In the project “On the Road to Mathematics”, math is taught in a fun and light way so that the students understand this world not always so well understood. The “Pallets” project is something more punctual, which arose due to the need for more benches in the common area of the Institute of Technological and Exact Sciences (ICTE) and the Institute of Exact, Natural and Educational Sciences (ICENE) of UFTM. In order to provide a more cozy place for students and employees, volunteers made benches with pallets and materials that would be discarded, valuing sustainability.

The main objectives of these projects are to improve the quality of life of the Uberaba community, especially those who are socially vulnerable, as well as to help in the training of children and young people so that they know the importance of education and have tools to build a better future. In a survey conducted in 2018, its projects directly and indirectly impact around 2000 people from the Uberabense community. There is a continuous partnership with the Universidade Federal do Triângulo Mineiro (UFTM) in order to link the projects developed by the NGO, as extension projects, so that the quality of the work is continuous, dated, studied and that, in addition, they bring the university students closer to glimpse the social reality of the Uberaba community with a critical eye, so that they can be agents of change and no longer spectators of the social body. 

The main purpose is to awaken a sense of social responsibility in the community and to establish continuous links between the body of work and the assisted body.

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Status: Full Chapter.