The Tucuruí chapter was born from an idea of the current president: Abner Cipriano. He researched about the Engenheiros sem Fronteiras, invited Professor Grazielle Tigre and contacted the founding members. With the boards established, the foundation project was sent to ESF Brazil. The theme? Project of Technical Assistance in Habitation of Social Interest, based on Federal Law 11.888/2008. The chapter had the support of several partners, highlighting the Universidade Federal do Pará (UFPA), faculty of all founding members. The official founding date of the chapter was October 29, 2018. The first selection process was organized in the first semester of 2019. The first immersion of the chapter took place on September 1, 2019, right after its official establishment.

1. Participation in Feicituc 2018: Science Fair held by the Physics College of UFPA for students of the public education network. Engenheiros sem Fronteiras – Tucuruí Chapter participated and presented their foundation project.

2. 1st Engineering Workshop: Held at UFPA Tucuruí Campus, under the coordination of ESF – Tucuruí. The workshop was attended by engineers working in the labor market, entrepreneurs from the region, in addition to the directors of the Esquadro Junior Enterprise. Over 150 engineering students participated.

3. 3. Lecture on Water Quality: Held in early 2019 in the Serra Azul district of Tucuruí. It was promoted by students of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering and participants of the chapter.

4. Young Entrepreneur Fair: In partnership with the NGO Boi Bumbá Pingo de Ouro, ESF – Tucuruí assisted in the Young Entrepreneur Fair. This fair was organized to present teams of Young Apprentices from the city of Tucuruí. Each team had the help of 2 ESF members from the execution to the presentation of the project, held in a public square in the city center.

5. Youth Week: In partnership with the NGO Boi Bumbá Pingo de Ouro, Youth Week began with a presentation of dances, music and plays in a square in the city centre. This event was organised so that the young people of Tucuruí could register for the workshops offered during the week. Among them: Photography, Origami, Extreme Sports and Short Film. At the end of the week, there was a presentation of all the workshops given and a certificate of participation was given.

The projects undertaken were important for presenting ESF-Tucuruí to the UFPA, the Public Schools, the Tucuruí community and the press in the region. They promoted the growth and credibility of the chapter in addition to providing important partnerships for the development of future projects.

It is the only chapter in the state of Pará. It has entered into an important partnership with CREA/PA.


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Status: Full Chapter.