On February 5, 2019, still without faces or names, a new idea was beginning to grow. Cell phones vibrate: new e-mail from the course coordination of Production Engineering at UFSCar (Universidade Federal de São Carlos) Sorocaba Campus. Many didn’t even look, but the world is changed by the attentive and curious! Those who acted in this way at that moment, faced a new challenge, which together, with the will to change the world, would become the Sorocaba Chapter. In the times of technology, a few seconds and some messages in applications can make something great emerge! And so, exchanging messages and talking with people from a small group of students from the engineering department of UFSCar Sorocaba campus, it was decided to accept the opportunity sent by the expansion coordinator of the NGO Engenheiros Sem Fronteiras and forwarded by the graduation coordination to the students: the opportunity to be a core of the national network and promote human development through engineering. But everything was very new: how to make a social project? Who will have an impact? How to make an impact? The answer was to know that YOUNG PEOPLE ARE STRONGER! With a lot of ideas, a lot of external communication and a lot of will to be change, everything was solved! On 05/16/2019 was the day marked to start their trajectory together. They were not yet an official chapter but they were already without borders! Reports and pre-projects delivered. Anxiety. Will. They were already change. In 16/06/2019 the happy news! Project approved! The Sorocaba Chapter was officially born. Fruit of the union, of the non-conformism, of the will to be and to make change in them, in the people and in the world! Today, it has a name, it has faces! Today they are people who want to take care of people! Today they are the Sorocaba Chapter, in experience. But stopping to think, they have always been engineers without borders and without barriers. Together they were always stronger!

Project Bringing Horizons Together – The project aims to awaken the interest of teenagers in science and the continuity of their school life, besides being a source of information for the population, bringing engineering and higher education closer to society through interactive classes that take place at the Escola Estadual Professora Julia Rios Athayde. It also brings the opportunity to help in the school garden that is maintained through volunteering, with the objective of helping the school to preserve its sustainable links. Partnership with Projeto Alegria, ESF – Sorocaba in partnership with the Centro Comunitário Padre Luiz Scrosoppi (Padre Luiz Scrosoppi Community Center) promotes a marketing plan for the project’s networks to encourage donations and for more and more people to know about its existence. Trying to provide autonomy to the project, so that they create real solutions and not palliatives, they started the digital marketing training cycle with the teenagers and pre teenagers present. In the scope, there are video and photo editing classes so that the participants themselves can feed the pages with their own vision and creativity! This not only provides them with a new look at the digital world, which is increasingly opening up opportunities to give a voice to those who need it. Partnership with the Projeto Civil em Ação, ESF – Sorocaba aims to build and renovate homes for families in vulnerable situations, based on voluntary labor. The group meets weekly and counts on donations of materials used in the renovations. The partnership with ESF Sorocaba promotes opportunities for the growth of the project both in the number of volunteers and in the expansion of its area of impact.

Early childhood education plays a fundamental role in the development of children and the construction of citizenship. Thus, ESF – Sorocaba Chapter’s actions, both at EE Profa Julia Rios Athayde and at the Centro Comunitário Padre Luiz Scrosoppi, influence not only the project’s direct targets, but also the neighborhood where the project is located and the city as a whole. Currently, more than 400 children have been impacted by these two projects through classes and activities in various areas of education. Decent home is something fundamental. In Brazil, many people still live in unhealthy homes or in street situations. In relation to the Partnership with the Projeto Civil em Ação, one house has been built and another is already under renovation, both were in very precarious conditions. 

   Do you want to know more about Sorocaba Chapter? Access its social network or contact us at comunicacao.sorocaba@esf-brasil.org

Status: Full Chapter.