The chapter started in 2012, as a initiative of the Environmental Engineer students from the Centro Universitário de Sete Lagoas – UNIFEMM, especially, in that moment, of the student Max Paulo, who saw the need of a social perform from Engineering in that region. The chapter was approved by ESF-Brasil in september, 2013, as the first chapter in Brazil to be registered in a private university. Since then, several projects were carried out with the teacher Max Paulo as an advisor now. 

Their more important projects are related to collection of materials to social actions, campaigns like: Solidary Easter, Solidary Christimas, Visitis to Asylums. hey have a huge increase in projects of Applied Engineering, projects like School Gardens and Low Cost Solar Heater (made with recyclable materials).

The projects impact several levels of society, as well as helping the next generations to keep always using their professions social side. The Sete Lagoas chapter works from teaching children in public schools to the vulnerable social-economics classes, handing them hope.

The main way of fundraising are the raffles, nowadays with the project “Pote de Doce”, which consists in puting candies in a plastic jar and ask people in events about how many candies they think there are inside the jar, after a money contribution to the chapter (the amount is up to the participant). 

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Status: Full Chapter