The São Luís nucleus arose from the initiative of students from UFMA (Universidade Federal do Maranhão) in doing a little more for society, showing that engineering embraces much more than one can imagine. Therefore, they chose a community in a nearby city, in order to analyze the difficulties and obstacles related to basic sanitation, besides proposing the reconstruction of a cultural center. The experiences learned were unique, both for personal and academic life, as well as what they as a group pass on to that community.

They also participate in actions in favor of the environment, such as garbage collection on beaches in the region, causing impact and reflection about the destination of garbage and the consequences of this. In parallel, they work applying their engineering knowledge in the future headquarters of the community’s partners, who develop activities bringing together children and adolescents to build “Life and Music Projects”, through Capoeira Angola and various manifestations of Afro-maranhense culture.

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Status: Junior Chapter