The Engenheiros sem Fronteiras is an Organization that exists in several countries, and, since 2013, the city of São João del Rei counts with a chapter formed by students from UFSJ – Universidade Federal de São João del-Rei, that accomplishes projects in the most diverse areas, as education, water supply, sanitation, structuries, energy, agriculture, information systems, quality management, etc. The chapter counts with the support from companies, government and community so we can, together, build a better world.


Manta Térmica de Tetra Pak: “Tetra Pak” is a material that is daily used and discarded at homes, and that presents good isolation properties. The difficulty in recycling this material makes it convenient to reuse the packages as low cost thermal blankets, contributing with thermal comfort in several places.

Luz Sem Fronteiras: Public lighting has become essential to the quality of human life, having a direct impact on citizens’ mobility and safety. This projects aims to take light to the most deprived areas, applying knowledges from the most diverse areas to build a pole, powered by solar energy. Besides the lighting, the project presents the possibility of directly interact with local community, engaging them in the activities and work results, in a direct and efficient way.

Resgatando o Calor Humano: An application of the Tetra Pak’s thermal blankets is in the form of heating blankets, that allows a minor heat loss in cold environments, contributing to the user’s thermal comfort. 

Captação de Águas Cinzas: Grey Water is the name gave for the water used in washing machines, tanks and washbasins, not included toilet bowls and kitchen sinks. This water reservation aims to improve the use of potable resources in a responsible way and to reuse it in other domestic applications.

Estabilizador: the stabilizer is a structure designed to help children with motor weakness in the lower limbs to recover their ability of standing up. With adaptable parts throughout the growth, it allows to stimulate blood circulation in the legs, being a natural, ergonomic and affordable therapy.  

The main impacts are in the axis of Sustainability, Infrastructure and Basic Assistance.

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Status: Full Chapter.