Engenheiros sem Fronteiras – Santos Chapter began its experience phase in July 2019. Its objective is to promote social development and improve the community’s quality of life through knowledge, concepts and engineering tools. In addition, they aim to stimulate social work and concern for the well being of others, by those involved, as well as by other individuals in the community. The internal organization is made through the contribution of the boards, which have distinct roles required for the full operation of the chapter.

One of their projects is Engenharia em Foco, which aims to awaken the interest of students for science, addressing mainly Engineering. To clarify doubts about the career, job market and characteristics of the professional and the course.

Subjects covered:

– What is Science? (Introduction, history and scientific method);

– What does the scientist do? (career, congresses and research grants);

– The role of Engineering (history and labor market);

– The work of the Engineer (brief explanation about the main courses);

– Vestibular (main institutions in the region);

– Group dynamics (presentation of experiences that develop important concepts of science and engineering); 

– Active participation of young people, in experiments learning through practice the several areas of engineering.
Do you want to know more about Santos Chapter? Access it’s social network or contact us at comunicacao.santos@esf-brasil.org

Status: Júnior Chapter.