The Santa Maria chapter was founded in 2012 after one of the founders met the Engineers Without Borders (EWB) organization in an exchange. The chapter is linked to the Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (UFSM), and its activities have been validated as an extension project.

The organization has four departments: Communication, People Management, Projects and Finance.

Currently, the chapter has 7 permanent projects:

Arce (Alternatives for Energy Consumption Reduction): The project aims to apply sustainable forms of lighting for communities.

Ampla: An event created with the purpose of increasing the dissemination of the NGO Engenheiros sem Fronteiras – Núcleo Santa Maria. In all editions, lectures, workshops, conversation wheels and social action (a “hands on” moment in communities in the city) were held. The themes addressed in the events were: social empowerment, volunteer work, social innovation, education, permaculture and the environment.

Captação: Reuse of rainwater, for uses of non-drinking water, such as irrigation of community gardens and agroforestry located at the headquarters of the Organization.

Educa: School tutoring, with classes based on content suggested by children. The project is implemented in Estação dos Ventos, an organization located in the KM3 neighborhood.

Ações: Through the organization of conversation wheels, mutirões and trainings

internal and external, a reconnection with the role of the Organization as an extension project is sought.

– Headquarters: Located at the UFSM campus in Santa Maria, it enables sustainable practices, such as agroforestry, and the implementation of pilot projects of the NGO.

– Homes without gaps: This project uses milk cartons to cover gaps. This action seeks thermal comfort for the residents of Santa Maria communities.

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Status: Senior Chapter.