Salvador Chapter was founded at the end of the year of 2016 by five engineering students and a professor, which currently is an honorary member of the Consulting Council. The Chapter is organized in four Directorships, that compose the General Board: Human Resources Board, Financial Board, Communication Board and Projects Board. Within this last one, there are seven Development and Fundraising Teams, which work together or individually. Each team groups the volunteers according to the Engineering specialties: Civil Team, Mechanics Team, Chemistry Team, Electrical Team, Production Team, Environmental and Sanitary Team, and an interdisciplinary team that gathers volunteers from other engineering and professions.

In every Board and Team, the Chapter works with agile management and leadership based on SCRUM. The main information system used by the volunteers is Trello, and with it they can implement a virtual environment without the need of costs or know-how in website programming.

The projects and actions of Salvador Chapter work based on the pillars of the Engenheiros sem Fronteiras. Among the main projects, they highlight: Ensinar Sem Fronteiras, Engenharia nas Escolas and Ajudar Sem Fronteiras. Children are more susceptible to learning and internalization of lessons, so Ensinar Sem Fronteiras takes environmental education to children from 5 to 14 years old, who study in municipal and state schools in Salvador, always leaving, besides the benefit of knowledge, a benefit for the school facilities, such as gardens or vegetable gardens, which become the community’s responsibility. The project induces environmental education and transforms children’s realities in the long term, which can be seen in the reports of parents and teachers.

In the Engenharia nas Escolas project, a day-cut of engineers is taken to state public schools in order to demystify engineering for high school students, showing the transformation role of this profession. The project helps to change the perspective of the future of unmotivated students in relation to the job market and in its first edition, it was possible to notice the rescue of students’ confidence by the stimulus of the project.

The Ajudar Sem Fronteiras project seeks to present solutions based on engineering to improve the operation of cooperatives and other organizations that have a positive impact on society, optimizing processes to bring profit to needy communities that would once pay to work.

Salvador Chapter believes in the instrumentation of engineering as a tool for social transformation, promoting the growth of communities where it is inserted and in the Capital of Bahia.

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Status: Full Chapter.