The Chapter of Engenheiros Sem Fronteiras in Rio Paranaíba emerged from the initiative of six students and one teacher from UFV (Universidade Federal de Viçosa), all from the course of Civil Engineering, who believed in the possibility of bringing the NGO to the city.With the work and dedication of all these six members it was possible to raise funds, to pay the expenses of founding the Organization, through the sale of snacks in college.  The Chapter was founded on August 18, 2015. The Organization seeks to develop and apply projects that will contribute to solving situations of social vulnerability found in Rio Paranaíba, aiming at a better quality of life for residents, with the support of engineering tools. It currently has 24 members, all of whom are undergraduate students at the UFV, with members of the courses of Civil Engineering, Production Engineering, Agronomy, Accounting and Biological Sciences, all seeking interdisciplinary actions and projects.

Currently, the Organization seeks in its projects the practice of sustainability. Projects such as Rainwater Use and Grey Water Reuse, Domestic Compost and Vertical Hours, Low Cost Solar Heater and Earth Paints are part of the main actions of the nucleus.

Semana Sem Fronteiras: This event, which takes place at the Universidade Federal de Viçosa: Rio Paranaíba Camping (UFV/CRP), consists of one week with lectures on each technique of sustainability addressed in the project. Project in APAE of Rio Paranaíba: The volunteers of ESF-RP, during the first semester of 2019, developed lectures and adapted mini-courses, with the objective of approaching, in a playful way, the techniques of sustainability for young people and adolescents assisted by the Social Assistance Institution. Activities were proposed presenting the composting and vertical gardens, the paints made with earth and the use of rainwater and reuse of gray water. Also at APAE, after the environmental education activities, the project to revitalize the external façade of the Institution was initiated, using the painting made with soil-based paints. Until then, the volunteers from ESF – Rio Paranaíba Chapter have already cleaned the walls, removing the old painting, which was already deteriorated and sanding it.  

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Status: Full Chapter.