Through the union of students who wished combine the application of knowledge acquired during their graduation in the production engineering course and also to support the needs of the surrounding society, the interest in establishing the establishing the philanthropic association Engenheiros Sem Fronteiras Núcleo Rio das Ostras arose. So, in 2015 the ESF-RO was born, within the will of accomplishing projects and actions that could provide positive impact the local needy communities. It counts with a directors board, advisors and mentors to help the entity’s works structuration and maintaining. The projects focus is on the improvements in Rio das Ostras city, mainly in what concerns the social and the structuring part in the area of education and sustainability.

Some of its projects:

CIÊNCIA NAS ESCOLAS: It was performed a sequence of Science Fairs at the municipal schools from Rio das Ostras, presenting science and physics in a practical and playful way to young people and children, aiming to approach them to education. The impact generated by this sequence of Science Fairs was to bring young people closer to physics and science. 

PROJETO FRUTIFICAR: Interviews were carried out for each group of people with disabilities following the empathy map, where the aim was to know more about the interviewed people, their feeling and difficulties, such as prejudice suffered and accessibility in the city of Rio das Ostras. Based on the analysis of the interviews, a document containing the information gathered was prepared, which is going to be present to the council, so that it can suggest the City Hall public policies that actually meet the needs of these people. After the delivery of the document containing the interview results, the COMDEF will have facts and data to request the implementation of public policies in the city that meet the needs of disabled people. 

PROJETO SEMEAR: The project Semear aimed to offer a better study environment for students of E. M. Padre José Dilson Dorea, where, in the future, they can become protagonists in the process of conception and implementation of new sustainable solutions. To this end, we have revitalized and made useful environments that were previously unusable, through the creation of vegetable gardens and a living area at school. At the end of the project Semear, students were able to enjoy an area for living and leisure, in addition to a plantation space, aiming to bring these young people closer to sustainable concepts and practices. 

PROJETO ECO: The project ECO was a partnership with the Costazul Educational Center, that aimed to deliver to students ecological attitudes and ideas. The project consisted in the implementation of the 5S methodology at the school. To this end, volunteers carried out training sessions for employees and managers, with the aim of teaching them about the main concepts of the methodology. The 5S methodology was implemented in every room, which enabled its transformation into organized, clean and functional spaces for students and teachers.     


It’s using the social medias to engage regional causes and hand information about the prevention of the COVID-19 to people. 

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Status: Senior Chapter.