Rio Branco Chapter

Even in a globalized and technological world, access to engineering services, even in the face of legislation such as engineering and public architecture, is not universal. The financial factor is the main contributor to the heterogeneity of people’s access to services with quality and safety.

Realizing this reality and understanding that there is a need to promote homogeneous access to engineering services, a group of Civil Engineering students from public and private universities in the city of Rio Branco joined together under the guidance of the Sanitary Engineer and Professor at the Universidade Federal do Acre (UFA): Heloísa Pimpão Chaves, with the objective of founding a nucleus of Engenheiros Sem Fronteiras in the city of Rio Branco. Thus, the ESF – Rio Branco began its experience phase in August 2019.

Since the pillars of this are engineering, education, volunteer work and sustainability, as well as the organizational structure of the chapter, the academics saw the opportunity to transform the reality of acrean society through social engineering and therefore provide quality of life, economic and social empowerment, and also to engage other people so that together they can be the necessary change for building a better future. The internal organization is made through the contribution of the boards, which have distinct roles necessary for the full functioning of the chapter.

The Escola Engenhosa project proposes the intervention in public schools in Acre, aiming at the collection, storage and use of wastewater from air conditioners, providing for the installation of a reservoir that receives the collected water so that it can be used for school cleaning and general use as well as for irrigation.

The alternative destination of this wastewater solves an existing problem: the accumulation of sludge on the sidewalks surrounding the school’s building facilities, which has caused incidents and inconvenience to both students and staff, and also degrades the building.

Allied to this practice, seeking the awareness of students about natural resources and their preservation through lectures, playful activities and actions in the execution of the project contributes to consolidate the principles of human and sustainable development through engineering.

This project is under development for the experience stage of the Rio Branco Chapter.

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Status: Junior Chapter