Inspired by a lecture that the ESF – São Leopoldo performed in 2016, some students united with the ill of create the Porto Alegre Chapter. The chapter’s projects are divided in four areas: Educational, Management and Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, Infrastructure and Basic Assistance. The first project was carried out in a partnership with CEJAK, where the members gave english and math classes for children and teenagers. The partnership yielded several fruits and its still running. In 2019, through the partnership with the indigenous community Ka’aguy Porã village and the group Mova-c, the chapter performed a renewable energy project called Kuarahy. Solar panels were installed in the autonomous school of the community. At the same year, the chapter joined the project Morar Bem, that aims to cover wood houses with tetrapak boxes (like the ones of milk and juice), avoiding the entrance of wind and water by the gaps and bringing thermal comfort o the homes.    

Besides the projects, the Chapter also performs several specific actions, such as: children’s day, easter, christmas, and so on. Among several actions we highlight the International Youth day. At this opportunity, the chapter has impacted the Morro da Cruz and Vila Planetario communities, by revitalizing four places (2 squares, 1 school and 1 residents’s association). Therefore, they held workshops, such as the workshop for reusing cooking oil, toy’s creation and the implementation of a vertical garden.  

Porto Alegre Chapter is always glad about greeting new people and colaborators, so that they created a WhatsApp group in order to spread news about the Chapter and other actions. It is the first way for you to know closer and be part of the change in Porto Alegre. Join by clicking here.

The chapter is using its social networks to engage regional causes and spread information about the COVID-19 prevention. Follow in its profile!

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Status: Full Chapter.