The chapter was founded in the middles of 2016. A student from UNIFAL (Federal university of Alfenas) spent some time at Viçosa and brought the Engineers Without Border to Poços. They don’t have contact with many former members, the ancient member, currently, acts in the chapter since the end of 2017. This old team hasn’t accomplished a lot. The chapter broke up, remaining with only one student and a teacher as coordinator. In contact with the national growing information insede the town, the chapter reconstructed in may, 2019. Currently, it has about 25 active members, accomplishing small projects, tiny steps that means strength for the network, for Brazil and for the world!  

The main projects for the Organization by now are the attendment to the Youth Day, set by UN. Several members were there, several volunteers, the press, publicity and commerce. It was a great project to start! 

The main impact was the promotion of the NGO. Little by little, the city can see what the Engineers Without Borders can do and where it can act. Turning easier to act in new projects and achieving people with good actions.  

The highlight of not having been lost. Even with so many obstacles, and many difficulties, to see the Organization working, with its little steps and remember the past, when it didn’t have even a executive director… It’s a highlight that deserve being carried forward, really. 

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Status: Full Chapter.