Engenheiros Sem Fronteiras – Piracicaba Chapter started its activities in may, 2019, after the initiative from a group that saw volunteering as a opportunity of social transformation. 

Internally the group organized it self in five directories: General, Projects. Law, Financial. Communication and People management, and within each board the members are divided in Director and Assistant.  

The first project of the Organization, called Albergue + Sustentável, aimed the awareness and reduction in potable water consumption in the Piracicaba’s Albergue Noturno. To this end, the water consumption was monitored, generating a spreadsheet in which employees could check which activities were causing excessive expenses and could be reduced. After this process, a cistern to collect rainwater was designed and installed in order to further reduce these expenses. Finally, the members set up a garden with various spices to be used in the kitchen of the institution, which feeds several people daily.

Another action that generated good results due to the adhesion of the local community was the production of biodegradable glitter to be sold during Carnival. This action aimed at raising society’s awareness about the evils caused by microplastic in an entire ecosystem.

Besides the projects, the chapter also seeks to set partnerships with other associations, movements and companies in the city so that everyone can help and develop together.

All of this is done in order to fulfill ESF’s primary mission: “To promote human and sustainable development through engineering”.

Do you want to know more about Piracicaba Chapter? Access its social networks or contact the email: comunicacao.piracicaba@esf-brasil.org

Status: Full Chapter.