This chapter was founded in May 2019. They had serious problems with members leaving, who had the opportunity to intern outside the city. Currently, more structured and organized they are trying to implement their project, to finally be recognized as an official Engenheiros Sem Fronteiras chapter. The organization has 6 active members and the Guiding Professor. They have 4 departments: Marketing, Financial, People and Project Management. The objective is to impact the community and make a difference. In this way, carry out volunteer projects that use the knowledge of Engineering acquired during the Public University and free of charge, as a way of retribution to the community.


Revitalization of the Garden in an Asylum: To design and realize a vertical garden in an asylum revitalizing the place and creating an autonomous and recreational activity for the elderly.

The project is still in progress, but the expectation is to create a recreation project for the elderly of the asylum and still reduce costs, since everything that is planted will be for their daily meals.

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Status: Junior Chapter.