The Passos chapter was founded in 2017 and has already carried out several projects. It is managed by a board composed of a General Director, a Vice Director and directors of Projects, Communication, People Management and Finance. Each project performed has a manager to coordinate and the members, who enter through a selection process.

The chapter has already remodeled a court in a psychiatric hospital and created a prototype solar heater with PET bottles. Currently it has two projects renewed every year in schools: an organic garden, worked together with the children, and the Knowledge Without Borders Project, where the members give various classes for school improvement. It also has the Ecological Brick Project, held at APAE (Associação de Pais e Amigos dos Excepcionais) in a neighboring city with the construction of a work with ecological bricks, with labor of the members themselves guided by a partner.

Each social project has a unique impact on people’s lives. Engenheiros Sem Fronteiras – Passos Chapter improved the quality of people’s leisure with the reform of the court, presents and teaches the principles of organic gardening and composting for children, for better health away from pesticides, induces students to creativity and contributes to educational development, in addition to improving the structure of APAE for students.


The core is using its social networks to engage causes in the region and pass information on COVID-19 prevention to the population. Follow them in their profiles!

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Status: Senior Chapter.