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Ink Inspira offers a variety of project management services that create and strengthen the capacity of all those who want to change the world!


Ink Inspira can work both in the complete management of a project (from identification to transition), as well as in specific steps (as: making the evaluation of results, developing the Logical Framework, defining indicators and questionnaires for monitoring, setting up financial planning, and much more), this performance depends on what your organization needs and we will work as part of your team.


PMDPro (Project Management for Development) and PgMD (Program Management for Development) are international project management methodologies that have been developed especially to serve Social Organizations. Ink Inspira is a pioneer in teaching both methodologies in Brazil and, since 2011, it has trained more than 2,100 managers, benefiting more than 400 organizations.

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Voitto is a management school dedicated to developing the capacity of leaders and specialists in continuous improvement. Founded in 2008, we have already boosted the careers of more than thousands of people through classroom and digital training. Our biggest motivation is to insert practical experiences in the digital environment, that’s why we work with our own and innovative teaching methodology. In addition, we have selected renowned experts in the market to share their experiences through a short video with lessons that goes straight to the point!

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Chico Rei where ideas that convey a lifestyle permeated by the incessant search for the new become true. They are restless, believers of an individual freedom and aim to give possibilities for people to express themselves.

They always invest in diversity to dialogue with people from the most varied tribes. The company aims to make art jump out of objects and become the connection, to initiate dialogues and inspire the creativity cycle.


We seek to learn with the community, prioritizing local producers and believing that this is how the real change begins. Actions that positively impact the routine of neighbors are being developed, always with their eyes open to keep growing the range of actions.

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Solarize Training Professionals offers training in the field of solar energy and electric cars. It has always been a pioneer and installed the first solar system connected to the grid in Rio de Janeiro. In addition to the courses, Solarize promotes the PV*SOL software for planning and simulating photovoltaic projects.

Solarize’s partners have always been concerned with working for the benefit of society. They see solar energy technology as an opportunity to democratize access to electricity. As a means of exchange in society where everyone can contribute.

Solarize supported ESF – Rio de Janeiro in several projects, from installing a solar system in a youth shelter to setting up a training room for community residents. Several volunteers have already attended Solarize courses. Along with the ESF, Solarize participates in other social and sustainable networks and initiatives.


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