Chapter Ouro Preto (ESF-OP) was founded in 2017 and it is bounded to the Federal University of Ouro Preto (UFOP), aiming to promote human development to local people, through the engineering knowledge. Since its foundation, ESF-OP has directly impacted more than 400 people’s life, yet.  

Currently, this chapter counts with the support of 21 active members (from the several graduation courses offered by UFOP), 51 Volunteers Without Borders (specific booked volunteers) and two guiding teachers. In 2019, the projects success was only possible with the strength and dedication of our members and volunteers without borders. The team ESF-OP fosters education, entrepreneurship, values sustainability and awakens the dreams of several people, especially the children living in Ouro Preto. 

Accomplished projects:

  • APAE’s vegetable garden: aiming to build a orchard and vertical garden for the APAE members, the entire team got their hands dirty! The weeding of the land and planting of fruit trees were performed, in order to suit as a pedagogical tool and nutricional support to APAE members. Through building the vertical garden , it was possible to teach children and teenagers basic sustainability, botanical and plants cultivation. The instructors, the parents and the studants aproved and embraced this cause!
  • Children’s Day: the chapter held a super fun and educational event for the children from the Pastoral da Criança e do Menor de Ouro Preto in such especial day. It counted with several dynamics, sports, capoeira, face painting, fruit salad, popcorn and lots of music for the children. We counted with something about 60 children that were excited and up to contribute with a better country.   
  • Coffe with Science: with the support of the Civil Defense of Ouro Preto and other entities of UFOP, the ESF-OP visited the Piedade neighborhood, in Ouro Preto, which suffers with economic, social and geological risks. There, a campaign was developed to raise awareness and alert the society that resides in areas with sliding potential. For this, a tent was organized with a reinforced breakfast, where the residents of the community were received and important information was transmitted to them about the risks they may be subject to.
  • Training on entrepreneurship: based on a successful partnership, the UFOP Labor Entrepreneurship Extension Project provided training for members of the ESF-OP to structure philanthropic businesses. Among the courses taught are business plans, sales, financial management, marketing and market research. This partnership fed the entrepreneurship and knowledge of the members.
  • Packaging recycling campaign: they designated a collection point for empty cosmetic packages within UFOP, and later, they took the packages to the store responsible for proper disposal. The chapter always encourages and values social and environmental responsibility!
  • Christmas Without Borders: some partnerships were made between several entities present at the University, such as academic directories and Jr. companies, resulting in the collection of more than a thousand children’s books and school materials for donations. The goal was to make the Christmas of several vulnerable children happier, besides contributing with their educational development. More than 50 school material kits were assembled, which were then destined for children and adolescents who will build a better future for society.

Be the change, be Without Borders!

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Status: Full Chapter.