The idea to create the Engenheiros sem Fronteiras – Ouro Branco Chapter, came from Italo, a student of Bioprocess Engineering during the 2012 strike. At that moment, the will to build something that would have a positive impact on the community emerged. On his way back to class, Italo searched for other students who were interested in volunteer work and wanted to become transformation agents in search of greater social development. In the beginning, the team consisted on five students and one teacher to be the coordinator of the chapter. With a lot of effort, they got a room on the University campus to exercise their activities and since then the chapter has not stopped growing!

Today, Engenheiros Sem Fronteiras – Ouro Branco Chapter has 25 effective members who carry out projects and social actions using engineering, aiming at the positive transformation of the city of Ouro Branco and its region. In addition, they also have the help of 29 cooperating members who participate in the realization of our activities.

SOLARIZE is the Organization’s most outstanding project, with the objective of bringing quality of life to socially vulnerable areas with difficult access to electricity. The project is still in the testing phase and consists of the construction and installation of a low cost sustainable solar heater and has an enormous potential to be replicated and generate great impact in the upper Paraopeba region.

The Organization has also made a series of events, social actions and other important interventions, such as the actions at the Estrela D’alva Shelter, the Revitaliza Project at CRAS (Centro de Referência de Assistência Social), a sweater campaign and food collection for eventual donations.

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Status: Full Chapter.