The chapter was born inside the Unesp Campus Tupã, in 2016. It was only in the end of 2017 that they finally accomplished their first project. They aren’t homologated yet, but they are on their way. They are organized in: GeneraldDirectory, Communication, Juridical-Financial, Projects and People management.   

It first project was Composting at APAE, it was very important because it involved sustainable, social and educational development. Therefore, after its conclusion, they started the Horta in APAE and the irrigation system, being able to contribute in many ways.    

This project allowed them to live with needy people and evolve both professionally and personally. They needed to adapt to their reality in order to teach them. Besides, they accomplished this three same projects (composting, vegetable garden and irrigation) at a institution for children too.

Every member is a student, teacher or technician from Unesp Tupã, which counts with Biosystems Engineering and Business Administration courses. 

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Status: Full Chapter