The chapter originated in 2016, with a first attempt at founding. In 2019, a new team was formed, and they are going through the trial period. Initially they had six members, but due to demand and issues related to engagement there are now twenty. Its structure consists of a General Director, a Deputy Director, a Project Director, a Legal and Finance Director, a Human Resources Director and a Communications Director. Each board has five auxiliary members.

The first project was a collection of products for donation in an old people’s home. The differential of the project was that the products collected are different from those that are commonly donated. They collected acetone, cotton, soap and sweetener. They made a day of socializing with the elderly women who live in the home, to then deliver the donations. They are currently carrying out the second project, which consists of five actions in a municipal school: a lecture on volunteer work; recycling paper and cooking oil; a workshop on geoprocessing; and a mini profession show.

They have positively impacted elderly people who, in their majority, do not receive visits from relatives. For the current project they are impacting an entire school. The teachers are very excited about the actions, including the project is already underway.

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Status: Full Chapter.