The Engenheiros Sem Fronteiras – Niterói Chapter was founded in 2016 by people interested in seeing changes in Niterói and its surroundings. They seek, through theoretical and practical knowledge, to help the community in both social and environmental fields.Currently they have 5 directors: President/ General, Projects, Human Resources, Financial and Communication, about 45 volunteers, only 10 of them fixed, and 1 counselor.

They realize the project of the Environmental Education Workshop in two institutions in Niterói, the Casa Reviver and the CCDIA (Centro de Cooperação para o Desenvolvimento da Infância e Adolescência). Their lectures covered children from 5 to 17 years, with the executions of board games with questions and answers, informative videos and murals with drawings.They are conducting the project of Captation and Reuse of Rainwater for non-potable purposes at the GAPOPS Institute, in the City Park in Niterói. They aim to reduce the lack of water for the local population and, in the future, to save water for washing sidewalks and vehicles, landscape irrigation, among other activities. They are planning the project of the Vertical Garden in the CIEP of Charitas, in Niterói. The vegetable garden will be irrigated by capillarity and will have small spices and vegetables.

The impact of the Environmental Education Workshop project was to pass information to children and adolescents about conscious consumption, recycling, correct disposal of garbage, and the exchange of ideas for reuse of waste. The impact of the Rainwater Catchment and Reuse project for non-potable purposes will be to reduce the population’s dependence on the water truck supply. In the Vertical Garden project, they hoped to impact on the healthier diet of the school’s students and encourage the construction of new gardens on site.

They made the sale of a paraglider flight raffle to collect part of the amount necessary for the purchase of the Rainwater Catchment and Reuse project material for non-potable purposes.

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Status: Full Chapter.