The chapter was born in july 2015, after an engineering students group united and noted the need of an organization that could bring engineering and the social aspect together. For this reason, the Maringá Chapter, based in UEM, has as its mission to build a better world through projects of humanitarian and sustainable engineering, seeking to root a culture of empathy, excellence and empowerment in each project. In addition, there is a staff of effective members to support and maintain the core. Currently, there are 4 projects running: Oficina, Nossa Horta, Transformando Matéria and ReconstruAção.

The project Oficina aims to offer practical classes about engineering for high school students. The Oficina comes to change the students perspective, seeking to approach them to academic education, focusing on engineering courses, as well, awakening the interest and taste for the exacts subjects (physics, chemistry and math). In this way, it is intended to reduce the social barrier and increase the students’ desire to continue their studies. The project Nossa Horta was thought in a partnership with the schools aiming to use the idle spaces of land owned by the schools for the development of an organic and sustainable vegetable garden, which will provide vegetables for the school meal. The development of this will be done together with the students to demonstrate the vegetable garden needs, so they will be able to take care of this, practicing what they’ve learned in school classes.  

In order to promote sustainability and welfare at work, the project Transformando Matéria is present in the recycling cooperatives of Maringá, where layout adjustments are made, aiming for a greater production efficiency and an increase at the local production capacity. Therefore, in the layout adjustment, the 5 Senses of Quality (5S program) are also applied, in order to turn the work easier, the work environment cleaner and more organized for the workers, This way, the project aims to reduce the insalubrity to the cooperative members, besides, at the same time, to increase these vulnerable workers incomes and provide a decrease on the amount of reusable materials that are disposable at the environment. The project ReconstruAção project aims at the partial or total reform of spaces with particular vulnerabilities or irregularities in the scope of civil construction. The project is being developed in its first edition, and it’s in the planning stage for the reform of the hydraulic-sanitary installations of the Santa Luiza de Marillac Refuge, in Maringá. It is the responsibility of ESF – Maringá Chapter, the study of needs, the realization of projects meeting the requirements, monitoring and delivery. If it is necessary, we will carry out the levy of resources to perform this.

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Status: Senior Chapter.