Engineers Without Borders – Munhuaçu Chapter emerged in may, 2019, after the volunteer’s ill, since they’ve heard the vice-president of ESF-BH lecture in their university. The initiative of taking part at the Organization came from the head of the engineering course, who chose one by one the members of the directory board. As soon as they got the response from ESF-Brasil that they achieved to bring the ONG for their city, they’ve promoted a “Chat Without Borders”, to present the organization in what it does and what they aimed to do. They’ve made lots of friendship and partnership, which also concerned about the environment and promote actions that recover areas in the city. Within six months, each idea is an amazing experience and they want more people to feel this.  

They’ve already promoted the “Chat Without Borders” (international youth day). As long as their ill was to introduce the ONG, they promote in it the interaction among people who wants to be and effective member or a collaborator in ESF – Munhuaçu

The chapter is using its social networks to engage causes at the region and hand people information about the COVID-19 prevention. Follow their profiles!

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Status: Junior Chapter.