All the founding members from the Engenheiros Sem Fronteiras – Limeira Chapter were socially committed and participated in some institution with this solidarity bias. The group had its first contact with the organization when close friends talked about and they liked the idea of taking a social and voluntary initiative to Limeira.They’ve thought about the possibility of unit the social commitment and the graduation knowlogies, the Engenheiros Sem Fronteiras seemed to be exactly what they were looking for. After long talks and discussions, on September 11th, 2013 the ESF – Limeira Chapter was born. It was the first chapter to be founded in the state of São Paulo and since its initial formation of 12 members the projects have become more and more complex, impacting in the city of Limeira, always aiming at volunteering. Today, the chapter has more than 30 members, including directors, project managers, communication staff, people management and financial advisors.

In general, the chapter projects benefit the vulnerable communities of the Limeira region. Among the projects, we can mention the ECOPEX, Transformar, PROCAP and the Recapta. The ECOPEX embraced the optimization of an ecoponto from Limeira, the refurbishment and optimization of two trolleys of recyclable materials collectors, in order to make them lighter, easier to store, safe and colorful. The ECOPEX’s objectives were to foment recycling, improve the working conditions of the recycling chain and encourage residents to recycle materials correctly at the ecoponto. The project lasted about 9 months and began in 2016. 

Between 2016 and 2017, the project Transformar held workshops about robotics at the Associação Limeirense de Autismo Mundo Melhor (ALAMM), with kids who have Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). The Transformar main objective was to develop important abilities for the children, like: communication, interactions, team work, and basic learning about robotics. Besides, an awareness video was made in order to expand people’s knowledge about ASD and desmistify prejudices in the community. The PROCAP – Professional Training Project – was carried out in two editions, in the years of 2016 and 2018, by the Engineers Without Borders – Limeira Chapter. Its main focus was to train young people from the city of Limeira in situations of social vulnerability. Through the application of courses in Logistics and Quality Control in 2016 and Logistics and Labor Safety in 2018, it sought to prepare them for the job market, promoting notions of concepts which are very useful for their professional qualification. The project was awarded the best education project at the 5th Edition of the National Congress of Engineers Without Borders, in 2018. The Recapta project – Water Capture and Reuse – consisted, essentially, of reducing the expenditure of resources at the Mário Covas Governador School (CEIEF) through the construction of a cistern to capture rainwater. The stored water becomes available for use in cleaning the yard, thus promoting water savings. In addition, awareness raising activities were carried out with the school’s students in order to develop environmental awareness. Both points of the project’s action – even isolated, but mostly combined – promote a positive impact on the environment, as they provide a more conscious use of water.

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Status: Senior Chapter.