The Lavras Chapter was founded in 2012 by young students with the purpose of promoting human and sustainable development through engineering. Since then, it has been positively impacting the Lavras community and region through community projects. The chapter operates in four areas of work, which are: Socio-environmental Action, Agroecology, Infrastructure and Sanitation.

The Socio-environmental Action program works on two fronts: the production of ecological products and environmental education. It has the current production of Clarear Soap, ecological, which is made by reusing cooking-oil. Besides social actions in Lavras and region, focused on the expansion of knowledge in the area of environmental education. Currently the ideal of the program is to expand the sales of the soap and work on the development of a training project in environmental education for teachers in Lavras’ schools. The Agroecology program works on three fronts: in the construction of vegetable gardens in schools and vulnerable communities, in the area of soil and water conservation and also with SAF’s (Agroforestry Systems).

The Infrastructure program works on three fronts: in Bio-construction, where there is a greater ecological concern and is characterized by the preferential use of non-conventional local materials; in the area of Refurbishment and Environments, where degraded buildings are sought in vulnerable communities in order to revitalize them; and in Renewable Energy, where it seeks to develop sustainable projects. The Environmental Sanitation and Public Health program carries out activities in the areas of water quality, training in the construction of septic tanks, low-cost solar heaters, efficient irrigation systems, water resource management (reuse of water, drip irrigation, soil and water conservation), assistance in sanitary management (water, waste and sewage) and mutirões for the implementation of these technologies.

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Status: Senior Chapter.