Operating since the beginning of 2018, the Engenheiros Sem Fronteiras – João Pessoa Chapter is divided into: General Board, Communication Board, Financial Board, Project Board, Detec (computing, arm of the General Board), and People and Management Board. The chapter is formed by a basically Technical team, where 92% of the members are graduated professionals.

One of the most important projects was the Integrator Space. They did an action in partnership with a local institution called Sesquicentenário, transforming an empty place into a park, vegetable garden and rest area. This project really changed how the school used to use the space, the students now pick the fruits of the vertical garden and use the space created.

They are also developing Gaivotas, an application that will give data from the personal beaches, focusing on the concentration of garbage and will bring a reality of the beaches, and points where they can act.


The chapter is using its social networks to engage causes in the region and pass information on COVID-19 prevention to the population. Follow it in your profiles!

Do you want to know more about João Pessoa Chapter? Access its social network or contact us at comunicacao.jp@esf-brasil.org

Status: Senior Chapter.