The Ituiutaba Chapter was founded on June 7, 2013 by students of Production Engineering, with the objective of carrying out engineering projects that would bring positive impact to the city. Currently, the chapter has 26 members, which are distributed in departments: General Management, People Management Board, Communication Board, Strategic Management Board, Financial Board and Projects Board. The projects are carried out within four lines, which are Environment, Community, Education and Actions. All the lines have an advisor from each board so that everyone has direct contact in the realization of the projects.

UFC – University For Community: this is a project where students from the Universidade Federal de Uberlândia – UFU, enrolled in the disciplines of Applied Mechanics and Solid Mechanics, under the supervision of members of ESF – Ituiutaba Chapter. They develop projects, campaigns and actions for the community.

As a chapter, they learn how to work as a team, the importance of organization and leadership, they have been able to experience different realities and meet other people who seek to transform the community. Apart from that, each project helped a population at risk, people and animals that were, in a way, abandoned by society. It could open a new opportunity for children in vulnerable situations to also be interested in science and 4th generation industry. 

In the UFC project, besides the benefits brought to the community after the projects, the students who develop them always give a feedback that the experience of developing the campaigns, bring them a sense of accomplished work and a personal gain in their experience helping others, they report to be a unique experience. The Excel project was thought in the need of knowledge that the work market demands, because it is remarkable how much companies nowadays request the domination of Excel at an advanced level. The course was well accepted by the community, because the investment was not very high, and with that they had many enrolled, most of them being young people who are taking some degree and already know this demand of the job market.The actions are always very well accepted by the community, they collect food to take to the elderly homes, and also make a day of conversation, snack and music with them, where it is visible and expressed by them how happy they are with the visits. In the actions with children and teenagers, they always try to do educational projects, always involving a lot of didactics and dynamism. Everyone always has good acceptance and participation, because they try to do something that arouses their interest of participation and willingness to enter a higher education.

The UFC – University For Community Project is a success in the chapter, they are already in the fourth edition of the project, and fortunately there are other chapters replicating it!

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Status: Full Chapter.