The Chapter, located in the amazing Ilha Solteira – São Paulo, emerged in august, 2015. Created by three students from UNESP (Universidade Estadual de São Paulo), Natália, Larissa and Claudia. The initiative came from the invitation of an ex-professor of the University that had traveled for a place where there were a chapter of the Engenheiros sem Fronteiras network. The professor believed it was important to take the proposal to the place where he taught, because of the pillars of the organization as well as their projects.

The slogan of the Ilha Solteira Chapter is the transformation of the world through union, so that each individual can become a protagonist of this transformation. The volunteers are UNESP students of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Agronomy and Zootechny. 

Among the main projects ever carried out are Ecocopo, which consisted of selling glasses at university parties so that there was mitigation in the use of plastic glasses. The project resulted, in the creation of the habit of each person taking their own glass, besides the reduction on trash generation; Bio Engineering Course, which brought a renowned speaker to the presentation of the theme; International Youth Day, which included lectures and conversation wheels in several schools in the city of Ilha Solteira with the aim of showing that small actions can impact society;  Corrida sem Fronteiras, which aimed to encourage healthier habits in the population as well as promoting the group – the event had sponsors from local commerce and attracted people from all over the region of Ilha Solteira.

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Status: Full Chapter.