The chapter was created in mid 2016, through a lecture by a former Engenheiros Sem Fronteiras member, where some academics from the Environmental and Sanitary Engineering course at the UFSM (Universidade Federal de Santa Maria) FW campus, while talking to each other, raised the importance of creating a chapter in the city. And from this initiative, the students began their work. The chapter has been increasingly structured with each new management, today have 12 effective members, 11 trainees and 5 people in the support group (where they help them as labor).

They do not have any large project that has such an impact on society, they accomplish what is accessible to them in the face of their reality. The projects that have given the most result and satisfaction are environmental education in elementary schools, where they talk directly to the children and explain the importance of actions (of human beings) on planet Earth. This opened many doors for them, this semester in particular, because they have partnered with two schools to organize and execute a project related to landscaping, gardening and composting. They also cleaned public places, such as the FW kart track and the university campus itself, campaigns to collect cooking-oil for making soap in the Farroupilha week of 2019, campaigns to donate blood and non-perishable food for the Lar São Francisco (for abandoned children).

The impact that we have seen is in the actions where the children are having when they return to their family nucleus, counting on their importance as NGOs and the work they are doing with them, which should separate the waste, save water and take care of the environment as a whole.

A very positive highlight they are noticing is the recognition they are getting from the community. Thanks to the partnerships and the good work in the communication and dissemination part of the chapter.

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Status: Full Chapter.