Founded by a group of students from a University in the region, who realized the need to develop social projects, for the city’s communities, especially those in vulnerable situations, involving engineering and several other areas that could add up. Faced with the situation that there were few chapters in the Northeast region, an organization emerged on their part, to constitute a means of collaborating with the demands of social actors in a sustainable manner. The Engenheiros sem Fronteiras – Fortaleza Chapter has existed for 3 years as an official nucleus, constituted on September 13, 2016, according to the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil and attending specifically to the requirements of Law 9.790/99 (Organization of the Civil Association of Public Interest – OSCIP), the Statute and the other legal provisions that apply to it are governed. Its headquarters is currently located at Espaço SebraeLab, in the city of Fortaleza, state of Ceará. The civil association is divided into 4 areas: President Director; Finance Director; Projects Director; Communication Director; Human Resources Director.


SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY PROJECT (PRAIA DE IRACEMA, with focus on the Poço da Draga Community): Its objective is to integrate local actors to concentrate efforts on sustainable initiatives, with emphasis on the need to strengthen the local social fabric, essential to the process of sustainable development, through the application of LAIA (Survey of Environmental Aspects and Impacts) in private and public enterprises in order to assess and mitigate the impacts caused by each; Environmental Education Program; Workshops of sustainable practices (Ecological Soap, Solidary Garden, Composting and Workshops with Pallets).

SUSTAINABILITY IN SCHOOLS AND COMPANIES (Capital and country side): Its goal is to raise awareness among listeners and participants about sustainability and the environment, through sustainable practices and training, such as: LAIA (Survey of Environmental Aspects and Impacts) application training; Ecological contests; Reuse of Solid and Organic Waste. In addition, disseminate the concept of the Sustainable Community Project.

The chapter seeks to integrate local actors to focus efforts on sustainable initiatives, with emphasis on the need to strengthen the local social fabric, essential to the process of sustainable development.

The aims of ESF-Fortaleza are:

I – To conduct studies and research, develop alternative technologies, produce and promote the dissemination of information and technical and scientific knowledge of social interest in order to minimize poverty and social inequalities in the region;

II – To create, coordinate, encourage, participate and implement projects of a socio-environmental nature, mainly related to engineering;

III – To promote the theoretical and practical training of its members aimed at the human development of less favored communities;

IV – To carry out training courses for the community in general with the objective of promoting technology transfer in the areas of engineering and related areas;

V – Engage in the defense, preservation and conservation of the environment and promotion of sustainable development;

VI – Awakening socio-environmental awareness in professionals and students through projects aimed at the community of Fortaleza, the metropolitan region and other regions in the state of Ceará;

VII – To contribute to the promotion of economic and social development, environmental preservation, combating poverty and social inequality in the region.

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Status: Full Chapter.