Initially formed by eight engineers and three engineering students, Engenheiros Sem Fronteiras – Florianópolis Chapter emerged in April 2017 and now has over 30 volunteers. Its objective is to promote social change and positively impact the population of the region through projects of excellence and sustainability. The voluntary technical action, combined with great partnerships and community will, is what makes it possible to expand the scope and impact of our projects.

The projects are developed mainly in three of the four pillars of the Engenheiros Sem Fronteiras network: Education, Infrastructure and Basic Assistance and Sustainability. In the area of education, there is the Ambientalize project, which seeks to raise critical awareness about environmental care in children of a public school in the region, through playful activities, contests, workshops and illustrative campaigns with language accessible to the target audience.

Sustentei, another important project of the chapter, fits in the sustainable principle and has as main objective the environmental awareness, through actions inside and outside the organization. To this end, sustainability practices are disseminated, seeking to put into practice a set of timely and continuous actions that encourage reflection on how human actions at the individual level impact the environment.

In the infrastructure principle, they work with reforms and social technical assistance, following the example of the project to revitalize the water supply system of the social assistance center of Vila Santa Vitória community in Florianopolis, recently developed to meet the daily water demands of about eighty children and adolescents in vulnerable situations. The social assistance center is located in a region that faces frequent rationing of the water supply, and its water tank had insufficient capacity. Two new 3,000-liter water tanks have been installed, with the support structure and hydraulic system that interconnects the supply network being expanded.

All the projects they have developed include raising awareness about the consumption of the resources available on the planet and how human beings can best use them, contributing to the formation of a more sustainable society. Through projects, volunteer work and the application of technical engineering knowledge, they seek to achieve significant changes for society and the health of our planet.

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Status: Sênior Chapter.