Engineers Without Border – Campina Grande Chapter was founded in June, 30, 2019. They met the NGO through the ESF-Brasil’s website. After that, they delivered the foundation request to the coordinator and professors of the Environmental and Sanitary Engineering course, and also to its department. After the professors’ approval, a selection process was performed in order to find members for the board and volunteers. Since then, the Organization acts aiming to impact society in a sustainable way, developing projects.  


1. Creation of a database for mapping, as a tool for humanitarian actions – Discover low-benefited institutions so these are going to be contemplated with their activities, the main impact is making society aware about these institutions, through its publicity and work, and they will be contemplated with more donations, and also that we can show the NGO to as much people as possible, so they will know the Engineers Without Borders, turning us even bigger. 

2. Educative lectures at regular schools – Bring to students the environmental sense and practice, awaring them about preserving the environment. 

3. Support the eco-efficient house’s building – Bringing a sustainable reality to future housing, benefiting nature, renewable resources and costs.  

4. Sustainable vegetable’s garden building – Show the community that it is possible to have a sustainable vegetable garden, free of pesticides and taking up little sapace in any place.

In their experience process, they already gave interview about their pilot project (sustainable vegetable garden), created partnership with the regular school and are in sinergy process with the UEPB botanical garden. 

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Status: Full Chapter.