It was born out of the need to assist Venezuelan refugees entering Brazil, by Roraima in the amount of 200/300 per day. Today we serve the Armed Forces, Organizations and population with social vulnerability through technical services and courses.

Among the main projects, one can mention: the Escovódromo – project for a special place for hygiene practices; Espaço de Convivência Warao – project for a special space for meetings and coexistence of the indigenous Venezuelans Warao; Bazar Solidário – special space for education for personal defense and implementation of social bazar; Escolas Sustentáveis – accompaniment of municipal and state schools in the orientation of students with ecological awareness and sustainability.

The projects developed by Engenheiros Sem Fronteiras Boa Vista, have collaborated mainly with entities that support the reception of Venezuelan Refugees, achieving certification in 2019.

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Status: Full Chapter.