Engenheiros Sem Fronteiras – Belo Horizonte Chapter arouse in november, 2015, from the initiative of students from a private school in the Minas Gerais capital. Since then, there are more than 50 projects accomplished and more than 3,000 people directly benefited. The chapter has six directorships in its composition: General, Finances, Quality, Communication, People management and Projects.  

Integre-se Por Luz (Integrate Yourself By Light) is the project with the greatest impact so far, it aims to deliver public lighting to socially vulnerable areas with absence of this service. The projects takes solar powered poles, based in a sustainable and low cost technology. Besides, because there were other work fronts, which included social engagements, conversation wheels, environmental education and painting task forces, the project was very relevant and signed the partnership with Acaba Mundo Village, one of the oldest communities in the city. Because it has a huge potential for replication, it can end up taking more security and quality of life to people in several other places. 

The organization has already organized a range of academic events, trainings, social actions and other infrastructure interventions, such as those that were performed in Lar dos Meninos, a children’s day care center, counting on the installation of a rainwater collection system, vegetable garden, bathroom renovation, painting of the front, and several others.

Do you want to know more about the Belo Horizonte Chapter? Access its social networks or contact the e-mail: comunicacao.bh@esf-brasil.org

Status: Senior Chapter.