The Chapter has started its mission in the Engenheiros sem Fronteiras Network in March, 2019. With a team formed by students and professors from the engineering courses of Centro Universitário da Fundação Hermínio Ometto (FHO). The chapter was born from the students and FHO willingness of accomplish transforming actions in the local community. They are based in FHO, located in Araras, in the countryside of the state of São Paulo, in the region of Campinas.

The team is composed by the following sectors: Communications, that coordinates the activities like visual identity, photographic records, news and internal communication; Projects, which coordinates the progress, capture and maintenance of projects; Legal-Financial, which coordinates documentation, funds and assets; People Management, which coordinates our selection processes, training, immersion and development of members; General, which coordinates and supports the other directorships and represents the chapter externally.

In 2019 they have organized:

– A campaign to collect personal hygiene items, entitled Engenheiros Solidários, with the contribution of students, FHO teachers and partners. The donations were destined to a public school in the city, which at that time was experiencing difficulties;

– The construction of a rainwater storage cistern: with FHO’s support, a cistern was built and installed with the purpose of reuse a natural resource for non-potable purposes, where the water collected by the cistern is used for cleaning the place, irrigating plants, among other purposes. The cistern was installed in the same school as the Engenheiros Solidários campaign; 

– Engineering Museum in the 10th FHO Engineering Week.

They also participated in the 15th FHO Professions Fair, blood donation, visit to the asylum, round tables and lectures.

Every year, they hold the Master Mind in which they evaluate, project ideas and celebrate their achievements. They gather all the members to reflect, rethink and structure actions to improve the Chapter. 

They are in the formation and learning phase, counting on the team and the Engenheiros sem Fronteiras, in the mission of transforming the world through engineering!

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Status: Full Chapter.