It was founded on July 4, 2018. The idea came  when a volunteer met a member of the Santa Maria Chapter – in Mexico, while they were doing exchanges – he published on social networks about the NGO and this aroused curiosity. Together with some friends who had a common interest: helping people in a lasting way. They were divided into 6 boards: General Director, Vice Director, HR Director, Communication Director, Financial Director and Project Director; two advisory boards: Quality Advisory, composed of four members and Project Advisory, composed of four members; a Fiscal Council, composed of four members; an Arts Coordinator. In total, there are 39 members.

The most important project, until now, was the first, when they were still in an experimental process. It lasted about 8 months and there was a renovation in the leisure environment of the ONG LICRE (Lar Infantil Cristo Redentor), a home for complementary activities for youth and children. The environment was initially very deteriorated and could cause risks to young people. Despite the work they did, the result was very satisfactory, because the environment was beautiful and safe. Children and young people can play without taking risks such as: falling from the playground, stepping on some broken wood and cutting themselves, cutting themselves with rusty nails, playing on the court without falling into the cracks that existed and being in a more relaxed and cheerful environment.

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Status: Junior Chapter.