5 Transparency Awards and Seals

There are awards and achievements below that shows our suitability, transparency, good practices and responsibility in each action of ours within the Brazilian third sector.

  • Transparent NGO Seal (2019):  Seal granted by Doar Institute, certifies organizations that strive to show any visitor to their website not only who they are, but their numbers, their goals, their team. NGOs transparent in their actions and focused on their missions.
  • Best Management Practices Award – 15th National Meeting of the Third Sector (2019): The recognition aims to reinforce the image of organizations that work with transparency and that act in an exemplary way by releasing their actions and results. The organizations which subscribed were evaluated according to the structure of the GIFE Transparency Panel. EWB-Brazil was awarded first place.
  • 100 Best NGOs to Donate Award (2019): Promoted by Doar Institute, the Award assesses organizations from the Brazilian third sector and recognizes those with the best governance, transparency and focus of action, considering more than 40 criteria. In 2019, EWB-Brazil was recognized as one of the top 100.
  • Best Local Development NGO in Brazil (2019): In addition to being one of the top 100 in 2019, we were also among the top 10 winning the Highlight Award as the Best Local Development NGO in Brazil.
  • Certificate of Transparency and International Good Social Practices by Phomenta (2020): Phomenta is a member of the International Committee on Fundraising Organizations (ICFO). Its certification follows the Committee’s ethical principles and aims to give confidence to donors about the transparency and management practices of Social Organizations in Brazil. Management and Governance, Social Impact Potential, Transparency in Public Information, Financial Responsibility and Economic Sustainability were analyzed.

13 Coalitions and Action Pacts

We believe that it’s importante to forge closer bonds with other sectors of society, and to approach national and international entities and movements that have the same goals we do.

  • Engineers Without Borders’ Senior Member (2016): We are certified by our international EWB board in the highest membership category, and holders of the Engineers Without Borders brand in Brazil.
  • UN Global Compact (2019): We are committed to the principles of the UN Global Compact related to Human Rights, Labor Rights, Protection of the Environment and Combating Corruption. This commitment express our intention to support and spread these principles.
  • Women’s Empowerment Principles WEPS UN (2019): We support and fight for gender equality and women’s inclusion inside our organization’s board.
  • Sustainable Cities Map – Environmental Preservation Category (2019): Quintessa and the Instituto Vedacit mapped, in 2019, the Brazilian organizations that operated in the Sustainable Cities ecosystem. It aims to support the organizations that are important for the development of sustainable cities in the country. EWB-Brazil was one of the organizations selected in the Environmental Preservation axis. In line with our Sustainability pillar.
  • SDG Strategy Coalition – (2019): It is a coalition that brings together organizations representing civil society, the private sector, local governments and academics with the purpose of broadening and qualifying the debate regarding the Sustainable Development Goals in Brazil and mobilize, discuss and propose effective means of implementation for this agenda.
  • Platform for a New Regulatory Framework (2019): We are signatories to the Platform for a New Regulatory Framework for Civil Society Organizations – MROSC, which aims to contribute in strengthening the performance of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in building a legal, political and institutional in favor environment, that advances the federative implementation of the MROSC‘s agenda, in order to promote citizen participation in sustainable development.
  • National Youth Council (2019-2021): Conjuve is composed of representatives of public authorities and civil society and has among its functions to formulate and propose guidelines for public policies that affect youth. It also develops studies and research on the socioeconomic reality of young people, through a rich exchange between national and international youth organizations. EWB-Brazil, together with TETO-Brazil, are part of the Council on the Territory and Mobility Hub.
  • YLAI – Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (2019): It is an initiative that set up links between young leaders across the hemisphere. The YLAI addresses the gap in opportunities for young people, especially women, by empowering entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs through training, tools, networks and resources needed to transform their societies and contribute fully to economic development and prosperity, security, human rights and good governance. EWB-Brazil is part of the network, committing itself mainly to issues about having a transparent and responsible business.
  • Minas Gerais Federation of Foundations and Private Law Associations – FUNDAMIG (2019):  It is the first representative organization of Foundations in Brazil, was created in 1994 and remains today contributing to the development of society, promoting the strengthening, multiplication and exchange between Foundations and Associations in Minas Gerais, as a mechanism for social transformation. ESF-Brazil is affiliated with FUNDAMIG, because ou history began in MG and until today it is the state with the largest number of members.
  • Pact for Democracy (2020): It is an initiative of Brazilian civil society aimed at defending and improving political and democratic life in Brazil. Formed by a wide and plural arch of organizations, movements and relevant actors in society, the Pact seeks to affirm a common space for the expression of the commitment to rescue and deepen democratic practices and values ​​in the face of the countless challenges that we have faced over the past few years in ou country.
  • Movement Council for International Youth Day (2020): The Movement created in 2019, brings together leaders and organizations with a majority of young people who believe and carry out actions during the 12th of August. Celebrating the UN International Youth Day, benefiting communities with projects and actions throughout Brazil. EWB-BR is one of the organizations responsible for arrange and mobilize young people for the date annually.
  • Sustainable Development Solutions Network – SDSN (2020): A global initiative by the United Nations, which is committed to support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals at the local, national and global scales. To this cause, a global network of universities, research centers  and other knowledge institutions is being built to translate the latest knowledge in sustainable development into action.
  • Member of the Brazilian Association of NGOs – Abong (2020): formed by about 220 affiliated organizations throughout Brazil. It constitutes a diverse, plural and rich space of exchange and construction, forming a network of national and international intervention with special incidence in councils, forums, conferences and, together with other networks, in subjects of interest of the set of organizations.

6 Mentories

We are always looking up for initiatives in other organizations, even they are institutes, programs, associations or private companies. Aiming to bring training, learning and development to EWB-BR.

  • Instituto Nissan Value Mentoring Program (2019): The Nissan Institute program aims to generate professional development opportunities for managers of social institutions working in vulnerable communities. In 2019, EWB-Brazil was picked from more than 90 organizations for a 6 week mentoring program led by professionals from the organization.
  • Winner in the Social Impact Acceleration Program – Incubation Category (2019): It is an NGO training program, co-created by four institutes (Phomenta, Cooperforte Institute, Bancorbrás Institute and Sabin Institute) aiming to bring new tools for improvement management, attracting and transparency of Organizations. After the evaluation stages among more than 70 organizations, EWB-Brazil, received maximum evaluation, moving on to the 6-month training stage.
  • DOA Brazil Acceleration Program (2019): We were selected in Doare‘s program, which is an organization that aims to strengthen the culture of donations through strategy, design, technology and communication, connecting people to important causes to donate safely. The Doa Brazil Acceleration Program focuses on the third sector and provides support in conducting digital fundraising campaigns.
  • Toyota Foundation environment (2020): We were one of the organizations selected to participate in the Toyota Brazil Foundation project, which takes knowledge and promotes the sustainable development of society using TBP – Toyota Business Practices, a problem solving tool developed by Toyota, tested and applied worldwide.
  • VOA Program – AMBEV (2020): We were one of the organizations selected to participate in the VOA program in 2020. In the program, company employees donate time and knowledge to leverage the social impact of organizations that work in the development, education and generation of opportunities for children and young people. They offer a management course consisting of nine modules which are: Dream and Principles, Strategy and Tactics, People and Management, Routine Management, Budget Management, Communication and Relationship, Fundraising and Governance, Problem Solving and Project Management.
  • Management for the third sector – Salvador Arena Foundation (2020): We are one of the organizations selected from more than 120 registered. The course is based on a program of more than 70 hours of training between April and September/2020. The program aims to: review and analysis internal points of the NGO; identify new directions for efficient management, oriented towards sustainability and social results; build a proposal to initiate changes for more professional management. 

41  Grant’s and Prizes

In this section, we highlight national and international financial awards received directly by EWB-Brazil or by their respective network chapters.

2012 a 2017: 10 Achievements

2018: 9 Achievements

2019: 18 Achievements

2020: 4 Achievements

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