The chapter of ABC Paulista emerged in February 2014, when employees of an Automotive Industry came together and, in order to follow the principles of ESF, they created the first approved chapter under the name of ESF São Caetano do Sul. The internal organization of the nucleus was formed by the presidency, vice presidency, communication board, project board, people board and financial board, fiscal councilors and volunteers. On February 25th, 2019 the name of the nucleus was changed to ABC Paulista Chapter.This is due to the fact that the projects cover several cities of ABC Paulista, besides São Caetano do Sul. And the chapter also started to grow outside the plant, today not all the directors and volunteers are employees of automobilística, and the name change made the volunteers feel even more part of the group.

Several projects have been carried out for the good of the socio-economically vulnerable communities in the cities of the ABC Paulista region. Highlight goes to the projects of Eficiência Energética, Engenheiros do Futuro, TCC Cidadão, Caixa do Bem and Horta Solidária, which were carried out several times with extraordinary impacts.

Each project has its importance and impact on society. The Eficiência Energética helps the institution to reduce the cost with light bills allowing the use of money in other important areas, it improves the lighting of environments and has positive impact on the environment. The Engenheiros do Futuro project helps teenagers to value their studies and, with the donations, some institutions with needs are met. The TCC Cidadão project helps students to put into practice a project that may never come off paper and helps society according to each type of project. The Caixa do Bem project is an important tool for collecting items that can support other projects or help institutions in need.  The Horta Solidária project aims to impact children in a positive way, showing them the importance of the environment, organic food and that it is possible to do this at home with recycled materials.

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Status: Sênior Chapter.