Find out the best project management software and how to improve productivity in your company with each one of them!
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To progress, whether in a simple task or in a complex chain of projects, it is essential to marry these tools with the best project management software, in addition to having good management methodologies.

Nowadays, there are many management methodologies used in the labour market. In the midst of this quantity, it is essential to use methodologies that complement each other in an assertive and fluid way, providing good analysis and a realistic view of the project’s progress.

These methodologies, in small applications, can be very well guided by notes, agendas and planners, doing it all in a physical way. However, this is impractical and, in a macro view of large process chains, it can become  impossible to do.

So, given their importance, come with me and I will show you the 7 best project management software and explain you how each one collaborates for their management! Also, I will make available to you, throughout the article, free courses so you can train using these tools!

1- MS Project

The MS Project is one of the most powerful and popular tasks and project management software today. Its acceptance is strongly due to its ease of use, visualization power, and application versatility.

The Microsoft program guarantees its user the ability to monitor, organize, control, align and execute projects of any size for free.

Microsoft Project is able to act and contribute to various stages of project management, and its tools are more focused on planning and control.

To create automated workflows, guide, and instruct team members, and allocate your resources to the most appropriate locations, it is essential to master this tool.

If you want to understand how to use MS Project for all of this, sign up for the free MS Project Introduction to Project Management course.  Enjoy the chance to take, completely free, a course of this powerful tool in the biggest and best management school in Brazil!

It can be used by large teams, to keep the organization more efficient. Within the network, members usually quote this tool, always seeking to improve their skills and ensure greater success in project execution.

2- Trello

Trello is undoubtedly one of the most versatile project management tools, whether collaborative or not.

The tool organizes projects together, according to the users’ needs, by using cards, lists and task boards.

Trello has among its advantages the ease of access, and can be used directly on the Internet through a browser, or even on platforms for Desktop, Android and iOS.

The best of all is that, despite having some paid resources, Trello can be accessed for free!

So start using the tool now and empower your monitoring and project control!

The ESF network members highlight its practicality in handling and monitoring for project control. The tool allows us to organize the team and follow up on the initial schedule, besides presenting the dates and goals during and after the project in order to guarantee the team’s autonomy and facilitate the search for errors and efficient solutions. The use of this tool varies with the ability of each member, as is the ease of handling.

Source: Tecnoblog

3- Power BI

The Microsoft Power BI is the best project management tool when you need to analyze a large amount of data without losing information.

Microsoft Business Intelligence tool is able to import, treat, consolidate, make coherent, and display with good visualization, data from several sources (including Excel).

In addition to all these functions, Power BI presents features that facilitate the sharing and portability of this information, since you can access and change your projects by different devices, alternately or simultaneously.

The software can be accessed via the Power BI Desktop version, SaaS online, or the Power BI Mobile App, available on Android and iOS.

If you want to learn more about the tool, Voitto (partner of ESF Brazil) has also made available the free Introduction to Power BI course! Take advantage of this opportunity and learn how to manage databases strategically and effectively for your company.

According to the network members, BI has great visualization and interaction with graphics and data selection. Also worth mentioning the versatility of the user in making changes to the interface and the good processing speed.

Like Trello, this tool is used according to the members’ skills. The Rio das Ostras chapter stands out, where project data is organized by this tool and feedback is very efficient.

Source: Power Bi

4- Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets

Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets are two data editing software that works in a very similar way.

Currently, the domain of these tools is a basic requirement for many job openings and it is necessary to understand them to become a more competitive professional.

From the point of view of the entrepreneur or manager, these are tools that contribute a lot to project analysis, data history organization, task assignment, and process automation. In addition, everything can be done online and integrated, providing real-time collaboration between team members.

Within the ESF network, most of the chapters use this tool to carry out their projects, which cover almost all thematic axes!

For example, for the education theme, there are projects that focus on teaching software to children, youth or adults, such as the projects of the Belo Horizonte chapter “Minicurso de excel”. In the management and entrepreneurship part, they are taught to micro-entrepreneurs who want success in their trade, for example, as in the “Enap” project of the Limeira chapter. For basic assistance and infrastructure, the tool usually organizes the actions of the members involved during the project, as in the case of “Arrecadação de leite – Mão amiga” in the chapter of the Juiz de fora.

Many members highlight the ease of the Google Spreadsheets for being available via the web (online), making the progress of the project more practical. 

To start your journey towards the full domain of this powerful and complete software, sign up for the free Introduction to Excel!

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5- Jira Software

Jira is a commercial software developed with the intention of allowing the monitoring of many tasks at the same time and the follow-up of projects and teams.

This way the software provides a macro view of the whole project and allows its management in a single place in a simple way.

Jira Software has been going through constant updates with innovative features of last generation without losing the quality and its classic features.

Source: Atlassian – Jira Software

6- ERP Primavera

Primavera is project management, risk analysis, opportunity and resource management, collaboration, and task control software focused on corporate portfolios.

This central and integrated Enterprise Resource Planning system actively works to create value for the organization by promoting cloud and installed solutions so you can increase your productivity and keep up with the demands of the market in which you are inserted.

Source: Primavera BSS

7- Twproject

Twproject offers all the advantages of an enterprise solution with the facilities of a simple and didactic layout.

The software is a tool that provides access to updated process data. This allows following the progress of each task, the professionals involved, the deadlines, the costs, and the work records.

The program has an interface similar to Excel, which provides good visualization of both each task and the whole project and helps to make assertive decisions about the allocation of resources and people in the projects.

Twproject also has a mobile version, so the user can access its information from anywhere, without even having to download an app.

For you who are interested, the program offers a demo account so that you can test its tools for free.

Source: Twproject.

Get started now!

I hope that reading this article has helped you to understand the main tools used by the largest companies in the market to facilitate and optimize the analysis and management of projects. It is worth mentioning that the Engenheiros sem Fronteiras network seeks the use of this software to contribute to the knowledge of the members involved and providing good results for the Brazilian society.

So, it is up to you now to make your choice: which one should you use in your company? One will be enough for all your demands? Or will the union of some or all of them provide better results? Which one of them will you learn to obtain a strong advantage in your curriculum?

Whether you are the owner of a business or the project manager, if your needs are any of the above, the Voitto Group has much to contribute and offer you!

The largest management school in the country has been fulfilling its purpose of making people stand out and potentialize results, with courses taught by the best consultants and professionals in the market, with transforming methodology, completely intuitive platform and total support and interaction with students.

With teams formed primarily by engineers, nothing is fairer than being always updated and equipped with the most diverse tools. Defining software that helps teams to manage data, people and processes are fundamental in the world we are building and those who are well-positioned in this scenario get advantages over efficiency and better results.


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